Brushes for Paverblock industry

Our family has been concerned with the manufacture and sale of technical brushes for more than 100 years and is today by the 4th generation of the family. Our product range comprises brushes of virtually every sweeping and floor cleaning machine, for snow removal, for the upkeep of lawns and sports fields and many other industrial applications. Whilst constantly adopting the latest cleaning techniques, we also develop our products for the paver block industry. More than 30 years experience in co-operation with the worlds most recommended machine producers - Our sales staff will be happy to advise you!   We are here to serve you!  

Feed drawer brushes

Steel back brushes

With the strong galvanized steel back, this state of the brush design concentrates a big quantity of bristle material in line to give you improved sweeping action plus longer service live.

Wooden backed brushes

Narrow execution for regular service conditions. Wooden body 30 x 30 mm Variable length.

Palette sweeping brushes

The galvanised, waved bristles effectively prevent concrete built up on the boards without harming them.

Rotary brushes for green (uncured) products

The spiral arrangement of the bristles enables the brush to perform lateral cleaning movements. This allows for the easy removal of concrete fins or burs on the product on the outside or rear of the stone package. The loosely clustered wave shape of the bristles allows for a positioning of the brush at a lower height respective to the product to be treated.Thereby enabling the bristles to run between individual product units without damaging them.

Cleaning brushes for rotary brushes for green (uncured) products

For cleaning of the rotary brushes for “green” (uncured) products the bristles of the cleaning brush reach 20 mm into the rotary brush and combe out concrete clumps on the outside of the bristles. These strip brushes have 3 or 4 holding loops. The length is dependent on the length of the rotary brush.

Mould brushes

Weber offers mould brushes for your standard kerbstone mould with the different effectuations according to DIN. The light effectuation is based on a 30 mm plastic body with 3 rows, the heavy effectuation is based on a 50 mm plastic body with 5 rows for extreme operating con- ditions.You can choose the kind of bristles: We offer all mould brushes with pure flat steel bristles, pure nylon bristles or even flat steel and nylon bristles combined. You can choose between the inline mould brush (form G) which lies exactly on the contures of the kerbstone mouid or the right-angled form (form S) which has an increased working width.

Weber also suplies many other Opens external link in new windowbrush systems for industrial applications.